Strathmann-Cisse Import


the small business with big ideas

The cashew nuts of natural and torified quality is out area of expertise. We also offer the following products: 
coffee, and cocoa beans.

Who we are

In 2016 we founded our company and started the "Cashew to'go" project, built a warehouse and set up a production site. 
During this time, we started the conversion to organic certification of OUR COOPERATION. Our producers :
The producers of our cooperative "CASHEW TO'GO" are small farmers in Togo. They have a knowledge and understanding of nature
that has been passed on for generations, which is very close to organic farming. Therefore, the transition to organic farming,
which our 265 farmers have gone through on their 1443 hectares of farmland since 2017, is the logical step to combine tradition
and modernity.
Moreover we believe in fair trade to improve the quality of life of all CASHEW TO'GO employees.
We take care of the processing and STORAGE of raw materials directly on site and then import the finished products into Europe. With our German and African roots, it is important for us to create a network between Togo and Germany that offers you as a
customer the opportunity to purchase high quality products that come directly from the small farmers of Togo and support them. Our vision:
  • Fair salaries, good working conditions
  • Training and further education for quality assurance of our cooperation partners and employees
  • Regular exchange and close cooperation with our cooperation partners and customers.
  • Highest quality standards
  • Transparency throughout the process, from cultivation to harvesting and processing.